Rival Arms™ brings premium aftermarket firearm components to passionate shooters and handgun enthusiasts. Offering the best in reliability, accuracy, and aesthetic design, Rival Arms parts are built in the USA with materials and coatings held to the strictest of tolerances. Located in Dallas, Texas, Rival Arms is dedicated to bringing precision and style to the world’s leading handgun platforms. 


Rival Arms is devoted to those who demand more. In this era, most factory guns are made pretty well but reflect the objective of cutting costs more than maintaining the absolute best quality. We know there are great reliable platforms on the market, but they all have room for improvement. We take that as a personal challenge. Rather than a traditional factory that is limited by specific production capabilities, Rival Arms is a coalition of machinists, designers, coaters, and other professionals united under one brand to bring the very best to a world saturated with “standard” equipment. We are obsessed with accuracy and performance and it doesn’t hurt to look great while getting results. Whether you are assembling a custom gun from the ground up, or just upgrading a single part, we’re here to bring you the best. From each part made and each shot fired, we believe that precision is everything.



Many companies in the firearms industry start as a factory or machine shop that makes one thing well. They then try to market and sell that thing. While efficient, this can create a biased and dangerously closed-minded perspective, not to mention losing track of scalability and seeing the big picture. We're a bit different. As a brand, Rival Arms started with a "mission-first" perspective in creating great products (not a factory-first perspective). As shooters, engineers, designers, and businessmen we all wanted the very best quality. Rival Arms was started more as a collective concept than as a single factory trying to sell a single product. This affords our team the ability to cherry-pick our production partners, tools, coatings, and other equipment, then critique the work and only put the Rival Arms label on products that have truly earned it. We take the strengths from factories who used to compete, and unite them to deliver a better product. Our team finds the best machinists, coaters, tritium installers and pulls them all together in a creative collaborative way that cannot be done in a traditional factory setting. This allows us to deliver the quality of custom work, at a slightly larger scale and a better price. Think of us as a craft micro-brewery for great gun parts, using only the best ingredients to make something great.

We are a proud American brand (Headquartered in Dallas, Texas), and source all components, suppliers, and partners from inside the U.S.A. Whether it is an optic-ready slide for your pistol, or the printing of the sticker on the box, everything is American made.