Bronze & Graphite Barrel Color Variation

Bronze & Graphite Barrel Color Variation

For maximum durability, we continually test the coatings of our stainless steel barrels. We reject any coated barrels that do not pass. Because chemical coatings are mixed and approved one batch at a time, there can be a slight color deviation from one batch to the next. This is rarely noticeable in the black finish but occasionally noticed in the "Bronze" and and "Graphite" finishes. More than paint or pigment, there is some natural deviation in color in metallic chemical coatings. For example, one batch of "Bronze" barrels may have a lightly warmer or lighter tone than the next. Because of this, a product photograph may or may not match the exact metallic finish of the individual product. Our product photography team strives to match the average or most common color.

This is one reason we supply thread protectors with threaded barrels, to make sure they come from the same batch, and accurately match in color.

All barrels that leave our facility use approved chemical coatings, and all pass our stringent testing.






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