Glock Short and Long Screw

Which screw should I use for the Glock front sight?

Your Rival Arms Glock® sight set comes with two front sight screws. The longer screw (0.100") comes installed in the front sight and the shorter screw (0.080") which is packed inside the cardstock from the packaging.


If sights are being used on a Rival Arms slide use the shorter screw to ensure correct fitment. If installing on a stock Glock® slide or different brand slide start with the longer screw, depending on the brand and generation of the slide will determine which screw is necessary. If there is any amount of play, of the screw does not fully seat into the slide, use the shorter screw supplied with the sight set.


Rival Arms always recommends to have a professional gunsmith perform all sight removal and recommended installation procedures. We would advise to use a little blue loctite on the front sight scew threads and green loctite on the front sight boss for a secure fitment. Most well-equipped gunsmiths should have these loctite products handy.


Any further questions regarding installation and fitment feel free to give our customer service department a call at 972-993-7165.

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