My pistol is not functioning reliably

My pistol is not functioning reliably

Many factors come into play when it comes to a handgun performing reliably. Among the most common malfunctions are failure to fire, failure to feed, and failure to eject. Although it can be difficult to determine what is causing these issues, eliminating possible reasons is simple.


If you encounter any of these issues check the following things:

  • Ammunition: Although factory loads are very reliable it is possible to have a bad batch. Be sure to try a few different brands of ammunition if you're encountering malfunctions. We have found 124gr, FMJ to be a good benchmark cartridge for reliable operation.
  • Magazine: if the spring or follower has broken or failed it can cause the bullet to not feed properly into the chamber which will lead to a malfunction.
  • Perform a cursory look over of internal parts (extractor, ejector, and firing pin) for any broken parts. If any of these parts have failed this could be the reason for the malfunctions.

Lastly, be sure the pistol is clean and well lubricated.


If any issues persist after following the above information give us a call and we'll be able to further discuss this with you to find a resolution.


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